Freeware that converts PCs into routers and creates Wi-Fi connections

  • Category Internet Utilities
  • License Free
  • Version 5
  • Size 400 KB
  • Works under Windows 8 / Windows 7
  • Also available for Android 
  • Language English
  • Program by mhotspot

mHotspot is a convenient, powerful and portable program that lets you turn any Windows device into a hotspot or lets them serve as a repeater or extender.

Weighing in at about 400 KB without any need for installation, it’s easy to take with you on a flash drive wherever you go. The program was originally developed for Windows 7, but has been updated and optimized for all versions of Windows 8 and Windows 10. The user interface is well-designed, simple to use and makes it easy to get a hotspot up and running in a matter of seconds.

You can use any device that’s running Windows 7, 8 or 10 and has an Internet connection to serve as your hotspot source, with the ability to support up to 10 unique devices. Best of all, mHotspot can also be used to create a Wi-Fi repeater or extender, so if you have multiple suitable devices running mHotspot, you can exceed that limit. Keep in mind that in most cases you’ll be using Internet sharing and not a true routing solution, and in that case, 10 will be a hard limit.

mHotspot was originally designed for laptops, but it works perfectly well on Windows desktop computers and practically any device running a full version of Windows. The 7-inch HP Stream tablets that came with Windows 8 and have since upgraded to Windows 10 work just fine with mHotspot. The program supports any kind of Internet connection as well, including Wi-Fi, LAN, Ethernet, 3G/4G and Data-Card.

You can open your hotspot to all users, but you can also password protect it. The program provides strong WPA2 PSK password security, so there’s no real risk of your network becoming compromised. Any device that tries to connect will need to authenticate or else be blocked. The program also provides network management tools. You can monitor network usage, such as upload speed, download speed, transfer rates and so forth, and you can inspect individual devices for details like name, IP address, MAC address and more.


  • Creates hotspots quickly and easily
  • Can use mHotspot as a repeater or extender
  • Supports Windows 7 and later
  • Supports practically any Windows device


  • Limited to 10 devices
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